GiVVR, a division of JMS Fundraising, is the only online campaign software designed and developed by fundraisers for fundraisers.


GiVVR’s mission is that Jewish Schools, non-profits, and organizations should fundraise online with maximum results and minimum costs.

As the world of fundraising moved online, we saw the shift from mailings and meetings, into the world of online campaigns. JMS Fundraising entered this space with “Instaraise”, a robust software focused on school fundraising, a unique peer-to-peer crowd-selling software. Instarise is now used in over 2,300 schools and nonprofit organizations across the country and has raised tens of millions dollars through thousands of campaigns to date.

While online campaigns clearly excite and engage donors, they can come along with hefty per-campaign setup fees, commission fees, and coaching, consulting, and marketing fees – taking a big chunk of your hard-earned donations.

As three Jewish non-profit leaders saw this phenomenon, they knew that there has to be a better way.

After months of research and development, JMS Fundraising forged a strategic partnership with Bitbean Software Development, and GiVVR was born.

GiVVR’s revolutionary product – “Unlimited campaigns and No commissions” is a game-changer for Jewish institutions. You can now maximize your online fundraising with GiVVR, and launch your mega online crowdfunding campaigns, dinner campaigns, and many more strategic and creative “micro-campaigns” such as Parnas Hayom, Siyum Sponsorships, Ksivas Sefer Torah, or Otzar haSeforim dedication, for one flat annual fee – surprisingly lower than what you have paid for one single campaign up until now.

Although GiVVR gives you the controls to create your custom branded campaigns, our dedicated support team is standing by to help you with every aspect of your online fundraising.


Use it once, and use it forever – all for
One flat annual fee and No commissions. Ever.

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meet the minds that drive your success

Yitzy Halpern

CEO, JMS Fundraising

Yitzy is passionate about helping non-profits. He is proud to have successfully worked with over 150 mosdos over the past 20 years. As a veteran development director in the nonprofit space, Yitzy was from the early adaptors and innovators in the online fundraising arena. In 2017, he founded JMS Fundraising and Instaraise, commissioning the globally recognized software development firm BitBean to build a robust fundraising platform, currently powering fundraising for well over 1,500 schools and nonprofits throughout the country.

Positioned so, Yitzy saw an opportunity to develop GiVVR, offering cutting-edge functionality to power the online fundraising needs of Yeshivos and mosdos affordably. With GiVVR, Yitzy’s understanding of online fundraising and his desire to help mosdos save money have successfully benefited many mosdos, just as he hoped.

When he is not powering fundraisers, Yitzy enjoys learning chassidus, schmoozing with yiddin, sipping Spindrift and spending time with his wife and 5 children at their home in Lawrence, NY.

Ephraim Weingot

Operations Manager

Ephraim has a keen understanding of operational systems and workflow. Prior to his position at GiVVR, Ephraim was with Relief Resources, where he was responsible for operational and workflow improvements. His pleasant and professional personality, coupled with his keen understanding of software and systems, enable him to assist every client to achieve maximum results.

At GiVVR, Ephraim manages software development and implementation, ensuring that every campaign runs clean as a whistle so that you can raise more with less headache. While off duty, Ephraim enjoys that time too.

Shmuel Kamenetzky

Non-Profit Liaison

With a solid background in Jewish education, backed by a decade of classroom teaching and school leadership, Rabbi Kamenetzky has extensive experience in non-profits, fundraising and development.

As Director of Advancement of Yeshiva of South Shore and Director of RBK Torah Legacy Foundation, positions he still maintains, he understands the unique intricacies of the world of Jewish education and non-profits, both from in the trenches and the back office.

His experience brought him to work with local community organizations and schools, as well as international organizations such as Dirshu International and Keren Hashviis.

At GiVVR, he assists with the development and implementation of affordable online fundraising tools for Jewish organizations.

While he is not planning the next fundraiser, he enjoys meeting other leaders in Jewish education, publishing the Torah writings of his grandfather Rav Binyamin zt”l, and spending time with his family.

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